All of My Life

“The Prodigal reviews his Life, yet again after many years of struggle through dense matter… He is in a low-Energy state, so his thoughts drift toward sadness… He seeks relief from contemplation through which he hopes to find answers that could settle his Mind… He finds such contemplation extremely valuable… However, the truth is he really can’t help himself from doing this…

“I started this song in Madrid Spain (after viewing some of the works of Goya) and finished it in a snowstorm at the cabin in January 2016. This song is a cousin of Putting Things In Order… It comes from a low-Energy state where I was really questioning how I was living…  Then after contemplating everything that has happened and with some rest… I came to a place of acceptance…a spiritual conclusion, realizing all that “stuff” was absolutely necessary and essential…even personalized for my benefit and growth! I prefer to believe that God/Life knows what we need to experience and feel! And these “conditions for growth” are being provided automatically with ZERO effort on our part! Just flow with it! All will be OK in the end! Even if you have to “walk the plank” into a swirling pool of sharks! It might hurt for a bit to have your leg snapped off, but you’ll be ok again shortly!”


All of my Life
Has just slipped away it seems
All of my time
Spent on dreams
A field of green
A city scene
Always a place to be
A walk in the woods
Oh I’d be there if I could
But just one more thing
That I should 
Tomorrow and the next and extended out in time
Not a moment, can I claim as mine
(Instrumental break)
Sometimes the things I see are far beyond my reach
A ghost that I can’t hold and must release
All of my Life
Has just slipped away it seems
All of my time
Spent on dreams
But I’m not afraid
I’m here to greet the day
There’s not a thing
I would change…