As a Bird of the Air (Reprise)

“After the success of If All the World Were Right, for some reason, I was in great inner turmoil… I can’t explain it really… In fact, I doubt any of us can honestly say where our decisions come from… LIFE is beyond us and our capacities to understand… Life just emerges and unfolds like a flower… When it is time to bloom, it blooms… It can’t be forced nor can one dictate that it bloom…nor can we “will” it to win the Blue Ribbon at the county fair… It may only half open or tilt to the right or left…and depending upon your personal evolution, which is really a perception of the world, it is PERFECT however it unfolds! At least in my view… Extremes and polar/ideological sides are of value. Just like folks with blue hats and approximately an equal number with red hats…or the positive and negative ends of a magnet… At all levels of Life, there seems to be conflict when viewed at one level that is complete harmony when viewed from a higher level… Life is beyond us…constantly growing and emerging all by itself… And it is a good game…to pretend and play dress up is good fun…and to believe or fool ourselves that it is all about our will, determination, and serious business… Surely our will and desires play a part…an essential part…as the whole thing would collapse without this contribution! But we also needn’t worry…as all things resolve into a major chord! Even in death, things will be OK I suspect… All the World IS Right… All will work out…just like Nature does… No problemo amigo! At minimum, a lighter view of the world makes it happier!

“This song…this “reprise”…is yet another song relating to as a bird of the air and Twisted World…this irreconcilable situation in my mind… I was so unconfident at the time… and I was feeling all the frailties of being human… Maybe I’m too young, too old, too much, too blue…or maybe, I’m not enough…says it all succinctly…

“The album ends with a dissonant and un-resolving chord… It leaves one with a question that many of us would like to know the answer to and how to do… Can it be done? Can one live as a bird of the air…? Yes, I think so…but it is not quite exactly like we imagine… As you are, perhaps, already doing it…and seeing it from an integrated perspective helps!”


I get home from work
The apartment is so dark at night
I find my things outside…
Maybe I’m too young, too old, too much, too blue…or maybe, I’m not enough
Can I rise above my Earthly cares?
Can I rise above these Earthly cares?
Can I rise above as a bird of the air…?