As a Bird of the Air…

“Can I live as a bird of the air? Or lily of the field? Or am I as grass that is thrown into the furnace? There is a central question here… And questions have more integrity than answers as everything is infinite…

“I’m not a religious person, but my ears perk up when I perceive something profound…  The beatitudes always resonated with me…as they are so contradictory to common thought and belief… This aroused questions… Can we rise above our Earthly cares? Is it even possible? Jesus wept…Jesus sweat blood the books says…and he is the one that posed this possibility… What does it mean? In Marriage 1, I came home to the apartment after a tough morning band rehearsal followed by an incredibly long double shift as a waiter at a restaurant… She attacked me…  I was giving my ALL…my everything…everything I knew to do to provide for my family, to be a GOOD man and do my music too… Yet, I was demonized and belittled… How could someone do this to another person? Let alone your spouse? This song and the reprise tie DIRECTLY to Twisted World… Human frailties abound…”

I get home from work
I’m tired of punching that clock
It ain’t getting me nowhere
My wife tells me to get a real job

Sometimes I think
That I’m wasting my life on a dream
Because I see things
Things…that could be…

Can I live as a bird of the air or Lillie of the field?
Can I rise above my Earthly cares?
As a bird of the air…?