Musical Woman

“I have always desired to have a creative and artistic female partner… Someone who would make a big deal about romance as I like to… Considerate… Doing special things… Sexy and free about it… Exotic passionate love…and being best friends… Someone similar to myself that could continually refresh desire and make it new each day… I have had this only once in my life…and it probably messed me up forever…”


Musical woman, I’ve been waiting for you
To escort you to some distant far off place of solitude
Beautiful woman, open your eyes
To see them looking to me puts the valor in my life
Oh I hear music, Inside you
It’s telling me, about you
And it’s moving, me to you
And I know it’s real, oh so real
Musical woman, I will listen to you
And protect the sacred memories of the moments spent with you
Beautiful woman, I’m not turning away
You know I’ll never leave you, I’ll never go away
Oh I hear music, inside you
 It’s telling me, about you
And I’ll love you, forever
Till the day I die, oh till the day I die
I my heart there flows a stream, where the life inside my soul does sing
For someone like you
Oh I hear music, inside you
And it’s soothing, its dooming, me to love
Forever, till the day I die, oh till the day I die