Sailed Away

“This is a song of a prodigal son. The Prodigal being ME in this case… We all have to leave our beginnings at some point…to explore and experience the world in our own way… And sometimes you return home… Home, hopefully a warm place filled with memories and the support of family… It is one thing to have some success, but the most powerful learning does not come from victories but rather from defeats and pain… As bizarre as it may sound, it is a wonderful thing to be humbled by Life… It offers a point to re-focus on what is important! It is a point of surrender…”


I’m sailing on the wings of a prayer
Sending all my pleas into the air
And in my eyes, I have not quite measured up
To the dreams I had, nor for the ones I love
I was hoping that my best is good enough
‘Cause I’m not the man perhaps I thought I was
I’m sailing home on a shoestring and a prayer
My jeans are torn and my (guitar) case shows signs of wear
My pack is on with the few things I still own
And the coins I have will not quite roll me home
Perhaps I’ll meet with kindness on the way
Perhaps someday, my debts I can repay
I’m sailing home on the wind of a prayer
Hoping that the ones I love still care
I’ll exchange a kind word and help out all I can
And not complain or find fault from where I stand
I never meant to cause others pain
And in return I politely ask the same
Your consideration, I do appreciate
‘Cause I’m on this sea that I can’t navigate
I sailed away, sailed away
I sailed away