Where She Goes

“The Prodigal has deep, deep compassion for others, with children being the easiest to have these feelings about… He is troubled by the perceived horrendous conditions and circumstances many children face…

“I find myself emotional when I visualize this song… It took me 20 years to complete it…  It is about kids being abused… Sometimes Life can seem to start out so badly for people… My own kids were born into a horrible storm that impacted them profoundly… I think it is the idea of innocence and being “dealt” this pain without apparent cause that troubles us…at least most of us…  But even when dealt a “bad hand,” one can choose how to use it and how to experience it ultimately… All things can “become” positive eventually if you see them from this perspective! When coping with extreme pain, such as in the case of early abuse, a person often “goes” mentally to a distant place to escape… That is what this song is about… The escape and repression of thoughts that cause deep, deep emotions…”


I knew a young girl, who lived down the road
Couldn’t have been 10 years old
And she had a smile that would last a country mile
But then one day her smile was broke
Where’d it go?
Where’d it go?
Where’d it go, nobody knows…but it’s gone I know
I saw this young woman, a few years had passed
Off in a world that moves so fast
A faded smile fashioned in the latest style
She looked right through me and walked on past
Where she goes?
Where she goes?
Where she goes, nobody knows…but it’s far I know
Why are there broken ones
Without a voice, without a sun
To walk in at the dawn of their day?
Back in those fields of green
A sea it seemed of everything
A girl, a road, a dream, and something –
I knew a young girl
Who lived down the road
In her eyes, a story untold
Hidden thoughts, encased in cement n’ block
She’d stare to somewhere, who knows where?
Where she goes?
Where she goes?
Where she goes, nobody knows…but it’s far I know…