New Music Monday will feature Andrew Reed

Andrew’s music will be near the top of the show on WNHE at 7:00 PM Central. To cast votes for the song once it airs via text or call to 615-492-1777 or by email to To stream the show “live” go to:  (click Listen Now) at 7:00 PM Central. They can also follow their song “all night long” by going a number of affiliates:

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Press for “If All the World Were Right”

“A Gorgeous, Graceful Album” – Huffington Post

“From the cover art to the lyrics and relaxing vocals, this album is one of the most calming pieces of art ever created.” – Audible Addixion

“Music needs more Andrew Reeds. Heck, the world could use more of him… thousands of people are connecting with Reed’s music because it’s serving a special purpose. It’s providing a little bit of light in a world that can seem very dark.” – Crave

“If you’re looking for a new start, Andrew Reed may be the man to turn to for inspiration. In his new song “If All The World Were Right,” the Asheville rocker grabs his hopes and wishes by the horns and takes a deep look inside… Reed’s message is certainly infectious, and you can feel his passion ooze through the song (If All the World Were Right). In a way, the track functions as a sort of classic rock “Man in the Mirror,” as the singers in both songs desperately remind themselves that the work to be done is internal. We’re in control of our own worlds, and we have to cultivate a happiness from within.” – LemonWire

“Andrew Reed has spent his energies not conforming, dispelling the idea of commercialism from his work.  His authentic songcraft strongly stems from an organic sound with socially aware content, overall giving off an eye-opening experience. Reed is a natural with a great flow to his unique sound.  Brimming with artistic talent with a flair for a retro ’70s-inspired cadence in his folk-rock/acoustic in his latest, If All The World Were All Right aptly expresses the artist’s thoughts and inspirations with eloquence and grace.” – Celebrity Cafe

“I can’t stop listening to it…100% damn good music. It could at times feel like….I took a step back in time to Woodstock… Such an amazing expression of musical art” – Nashville Music Review

“As you listen to tunes like the well-crafted “Putting Things In Order“, you will realize that you’re being treated to artistry that transcends genres…” – Contemporary Fusion

“Part of what makes Andrew Reed such a strong songwriter is his attention to the world around him, as well as the expansive nature of his own experiences. He brings his range to light by moving effortlessly from pop-ballads to gritty rock to sweet Americana. The album manages to hold it all by virtue of considerate lyrics… Andrew Reed makes sure to draw you into his world so that no one feels alone. He invites you on a journey that blends genre and moves between geographical spaces, but promises growth and light in the process.” – New Sick Music

“The album doesn’t exceed expectations, it completely blew them away and made for an experience that you will want to bring back to your ears as soon as you can. This shows that you can have heartfelt, expressive songs and not bore the listener, you astound them.” – The Ripple Effect

“If All the World Were Right’ is the perfect album for traveling down the long road of contemplation. If you’re a fan of fellow artists such as Dave Matthews Band, Grateful Dead and Jack Johnson, then check out with Andrew Reed” –

“Andrew Reed’s album If All The World Were Right and its life-positive sophisticated pop/rock/jazz is very easy on the ear…a very sophisticated combination of pop, rock and jazz past and modern, in some ways akin to something produced by Steely Dan, Style Council and later on Chicago’s Sea & Cake.” – Spunik Music

“Reed delivers beautiful compositions with thought-provoking lyrics that center on the theme of humility.” – Art Publika Magazine

“One need look no further than the titular track to feel the control in theme on the album as well as Reed’s multi-layered retreat into the perspective of a new age classicism. Ever the optimist, Reed’s brilliance in arrangements and storytelling shines through. If All The World Were Right may be just the necessary revelation of present hope we need.” – MoxiPop

“Andrew Reed’s latest album is a much-needed dose of measured optimism. In his songs, he strives for success openly but does nothing to cover up his mistakes or scars along the way. It’s a refreshing approach to an artistic landscape that seems to be filled with either blind braggadocio or undefeatable self-loathing.” – Music News

“The album and, indeed, its newest single and video “Carolina in the Morning” is about as far from Mumford and Sons and the latest rash of indie folk as one can get while still being indie folk… Indie folk fans can enjoy this non-Mumford album which, while unique to Reed, is a return to form for indie rock in general and hopefully a trend that continues for those fans who are a bit burned out on banjos and waxed mustaches.” – Ellenwood

“Andrew Reed amazingly positive Americana… Andrew’s guitar is stellar on this nearly hour-long slice of amazingly positive Americana… I give Andrew & crew a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98 for this great album.” – Contemporary Fusion Reviews

‘If All the World Were Right’ Metes Out Dazzling Soft Rock…  This is a beautiful album, full of sumptuous rich melodies laced with exquisite, mellow energy. Reed’s voice is easy to listen to, placid and satisfying. If All the World Were Right is perfect for chilling on a sunny afternoon.”  – Seattle PI

“A delightful album of charming, engaging, enlightening acoustic rock awaits your senses on Andrew’s new record. Soaring electric guitars, driving acoustic rhythms, elegantly crafted folk rock soundscapes, and the perspective of a man who has lived his life to its limits collide for a worthwhile listening experience.” – Middle Tennessee Music

“If you’re looking for a dulcet dose of positivity then Andrew Reed’s latest album ‘If All The World Were Right‘ might just be the new album you’ve been looking for… A lyric sticks in my mind here “…how can you find me if I can’t find myself?” A worthwhile question.” – Swept Media

Press Quotes From Reed’s Last Album (Space Apaches – Smokin’ Voyages)

“Let’s stop with the clichés and get to the point, Space Apaches and their new release “Smokin’ Voyages” is one of the best new releases of 2015.”Nashville Music Guide

Smokin’ Voyages – #2 Album of the Year 2015 – Produced by Andrew Reed “This is what happens when session musicians decide to have some fun.” – Monoblogue Music

“If you’re familiar with the group’s main man, Andrew Reed, then this isn’t much of a surprise to you; however, for those who don’t know Reed, here’s his credentials: he produced Daves Highway’s An Acoustic Christmas(a top 5 charting record), as well as produced and wrote nearly all of Smokin’ Voyages. This guy knows what he is doing…” – Static Magazine

“Though the Space Apaches may incorporate a kind of tongue-in-cheek humor into their image and gimmick, their musical ability is no laughing matter” – Music Journalist Evan Morgan Jodloman of The News Hub & tastemaker Mikayla Matz.

“Andrew Reed is an interesting character as his vocals range somewhere between Tom Petty and half way to a lead singer in a hair metal band, but always interesting and a pleasure to listen to. The lyrics are well thought out and so far on the album the song Empty is my favorite. It has an almost Americana sound to it, which in my books is always a successful move to make.” – Vents Magazine | RIYL: Phish, Leonard Cohen, Tom Petty

“Reed produces the band as well, being an experienced professional in his own right (last year he produced An Acoustic Christmas by Daves Highway, which peaked at #5 on the Billboard chart) and he very much favors an old-school, organic approach to studio work. No gizmos or auto-tuners here…” – Indie Music News

“On guitars (Reed), “clean notes and effortless finger work…” – Contact Music